Northern Physical Therapy Therapists are the best. Qualified, experienced, and always pursing advanced certification and additional education, we can schedule our Therapy staff to educate and inform any group in the North Country region. If you have an organization that would benefit from a presentation that we may be able to offer, simply give us a call!

  • Special Presentation -Parkinson’s Disease

    Northern Physical Therapy is happy to provide educational presentation regarding any of our clinic specialty programs- Rehabilitation, Vestibular Treatments, Parkinson’s Programs, Prenatal Care, and more. Pictured, Claire Sweeney, DPT, answers questions after her presentation “Depression and Pain Management” at a seminar sponsored by the North Country Coalition for Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders In Sackets Harbor, NY, in April 2017

  • Balance Seminar – Clayton, New York

    Northern Physical Therapy believes that it is our responsibility to promote healthy living in our community, therefore we often offer informational seminars that are free to the public.  Our goal is to educate the general population in areas such as Balance, Arthritis, Joint Replacement, Weight Loss, and ultimately help them to make changes in their lives that will immediately improve their quality of life.

  • Doctor’s Information Seminar at Samaritan Family Health Center

    At Northern Physical Therapy we believe that it is extremely important for your therapist to stay in direct contact with your primary care physician to ensure that you receive the best care possible.  We offer seminars to local physicians and health care facilities to ensure that your doctor completely understands our goals, to answer any questions that they may have, and to make sure that we maintain a good working relationship with your doctor.


  • SilverSneakers and Balance Demonstration

    At Northern Physical Therapy we also will go out to speak to any local groups that request that we present an informational seminar.  We have offered seminars on topics such as proper lifting techniques, gardening, balance, and fitness & staying active.  Our goal is to help prevent injury and to aid the members of our community in living their daily lives in such a way that will keep them their healthiest!

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