Coronavirus Updates

We want to assure you that we are abreast of the Coronavirus concerns impacting the North Country.

In-Office Physical Therapy

In-Office Physical Therapy remains open throughout the NY State on “Pause” duration.

While attending your visit, please note that we are working to keep our facilities sanitized and safe. Please practice good hygiene habits to help us do our part to minimize risk in our community. Visit the CDC Coronavirus website to learn more about good practices.

In an effort to minimize transmission of any illness in our community, all books, magazines, and children’s activities have been removed from our waiting areas. You will notice staff wearing fabric masks as

If you or anyone in your circle of recent contacts have shown symptoms of any respiratory illness, or has traveled outside the country or traveled by air at all in the last two weeks, please call to discuss your appointment before your arrival.

Telehealth Physical Therapy

We are excited to offer Telehealth Physical Therapy for patients, allowing most patients to attend most appointments from the comfort of their home or office. This may be an especially preferred option during any quarantine situations occurring in NY State. You can learn more about our Telehealth Physical Therapy here.

FREE Telehealth Physical Therapy for Covid-19 Healthcare Heroes

If you are working the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic and would like to take advantage of free telehealth physical therapy, click here.

Fitness Centers (Gyms)

Per the announcement made by Governor Andrew Cuomo on March 16th, 2020, our fitness facilities (Northern Physical Therapy Gyms) including all fitness classes such as ZUMBA and Silver Sneakers will be closed until further notice. This does not impact patient treatment.

Fitness memberships will be “frozen” until the state lifts this directive. This action allows the expiration date of the membership to be extended by the same length of time that the fitness centers were closed.

Once the fitness centers are reopened, each returning member will be required to stop at the front desk and review their membership details to ensure their membership has been appropriately extended.

No new memberships of any duration will be sold until Fitness Centers Reopen.

Proactive Measures

We are highly involved in our communities, and have tasked our staff to reach out to our past patients (especially senior citizens) who may be in isolation to ensure that they have both necessities and social connections. It is more important than ever for our elderly members of society to know they have a support structure. We encourage everyone who knows any senior citizen or otherwise vulnerable individual who may be in isolation to make the human connection by phone or computer to keep hope -and strength- strong.




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