Patient Results

  • Northern Physical Therapy was marvelous and I recommend them to everyone.

    Preston C.

  • My pain has decreased tremendously. I can sleep much better. My shoulder has increased in mobility and range of motion. I will soon start throwing around the softball again with my daughters!

    Shaun M.

  • My doctor was EXTREMELY impresses with the progress I have made because of my therapy!

    Kelly C.

  • I haven’t fallen again since starting therapy, and I am able to walk outside on uneven ground with more confidence!

    Virginia L.

  • Since we began coming here I see my toddler improve every day. The exercises recommended by the specialist here have helped her tremendously with her walking, balance, and coordination. He quality of life is much improved. When we came here, she couldn’t walk because of hip problems, but today, she is a totally different person- walking and running happily. Thank you for all your help!

    Elizabeth R.

  • With the ultrasound and exercises, I have been able to do things again that I haven’t been able to do for a while without pain. The staff here are very encouraging to help with your recovery. They all are very friendly and knowledgeable, and strive for recovery. My whole experience here has been wonderful.

    Kim G.

  • I have been to NPT for therapy after several surgeries, and I always receive great care. The staff are all friendly and attentive. Appointments are easy to schedule, the facility is easy to find, and it has everything to meet my needs any time I need help.

    Denise B.

  • The team at NPT is awesome! They are all very knowledgeable, and care about their patients. In the 15+ months I have been here, they have helped me improve, correct some injuries, and get stronger. I can finally start going back to the gym, which I have not been able to do for nearly five years. If I ever need a therapist again, I will surely come here, and I will bring my children here, too. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

    Breana N.

  • The team here is wonderful. I always come back here when I need PT, and I always refer family and friends. My hand feels so much better after coming here!

    Tina S.

  • Having a total knee replacement at 48 years old was scary; enjoying an active lifestyle and working as a full-time nurse means mobility is essential to me.

    I cannot say enough about my therapist, who made sure that I understood my therapy process, listening and sympathizing when I whined or complained. I would not have made the progress I have made without her. The staff are all helpful and friendly, I look forward to my therapy appointments!

    Ann M.

  • When I came in, I could not.

    Now I almost can.

    Soon, I will be able to.

    Thank you.

    Grover K.

  • When I started therapy, I was stiff as a board and afraid to bend, lift, twist, or sit. With instruction and demonstration with the therapists, I have my confidence back and my strength has slowly returned over ten days. I feel nearly like myself again!

    Linda T.

  • I feel 100% better since my therapy, and I have so much energy. I wish I would have known about NPT long before now! I would recommend them to anyone!

    Loretta C.

  • NPT is great. Everyone here has been helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, and go out of their way to make sure I am taken care of.

    Tracey P.

  • I struggled with everyday things such as opening a pickle jar or writing notes at school. Since I started physical therapy, all the pain has completed subsided and I can now complete all of my daily tasks without any problem.

    Jasmine H.

  • As I prepare for a SECOND ACL surgery, the staff at NPT have been nothing short of amazing and compassionate. I have a WONDERFUL therapist!

    Jamie B.

  • Northern Physical Therapy has given be back my mobility. I felt so helpless when I couldn’t even walk around my home. With the help of the therapists at Northern Physical Therapy, I can now do everything I used to do!

    Polly M.

  • PT has made me more confident, and enables me to cope with my symptoms!

    Joseph P.

  • The therapists at NPT have been very encouraging and gentle as they help me! Each visit has brought a new challenge, and with everyone’s help I was able to accomplish my goals. I am know able to walk again to an extent I am very pleased with- a result I would not have accomplished without the knowledge and encouragement of NPT staff. Thank you!

    Mary Ellen W.

  • I would recommend NPT to anyone that has back or hip issues. The therapy is very helpful, and the staff are wonderful. They make therapy sessions as challenging as they can, yet they prioritize my comfort.

    Cheryl P.

  • NPT has been fantastic! My back feels stronger than ever. The staff here makes each visit feel very personalized and it is obvious that they truly care.

    Elise P.

  • The friendly, concerned therapists at NPT worked together with me to handle my needs!

    Doreen M.

  • Thank to everyone at NPT, I have returned to a better Quality of Life!

    Paige B

  • NPT has helped me to prepare physically and mentally for my upcoming surgery. I have a better understanding of what to expect!

    Mary Ellen W.

  • My shoulder pain built up to a point where I couldn’t do the things I needed to do, but then I started coming to NPT, and the wonderful therapists worked tirelessly to find the cause of my pain and fix it, strengthening my arm to a point where it is better than it was before it was injured!

    Jamie B.

  • My son enjoyed coming to NPT. The therapists allow a nice balance of letting him be a kid, yet still bringing him into focus for his therapy. Bringing my other children into the office during my son’s appointments was never a problem, and the office staff worked hard to accommodate our schedule.

    Kate L.

  • I can sleep again because my pain level decreased dramatically after coming to NPT!

    Penny P.

  • I had neck pain due to an old sports-related injury. NPT quickly identified the source of the problem and provided a solution. I have learned great ways to relieve my pain!

    Gabriel J.

  • The staff at NPT are the most caring and friendly I have ever worked with. They have accommodated my unique needs, and have been extremely understanding about it. The atmosphere here is like family, and I was made to feel comfortable right from the start.

    Kathleen W.

  • My experience at NPT was great for my upper back. I was in major pain when I first started, but every therapist I worked with was a huge help. I really appreciate my time at NPT.

    Cierra W.

  • NPT Staff have been exceptional, treating me like family as they assisted in my recovery. I cannot be more thankful for the care I received here!

    Jessica M.

  • Therapy gave me more energy- I looked forward to my appointments! The Therapists were caring and upbeat.

    Mary T.

  • The people at NPT are all friendly, caring, and accommodating. The things I took home I couldn’t see or hold- they provided more important things.

    Sally G.

  • I am able to use stairs much more easily now, I do not experience pain when I get up from my chair, I am walking further without difficulty, and I have much more energy to play with my grandchildren!

    Laurel L.

  • Northern Physical Therapy went above and beyond to make my therapy a success. The range of motion in my left arm is now very good. I went from being severely limited, to doing anything I want to without hurting! I enjoyed working with the staff at NPT, they really helped me get better!

    Alicia M.

  • I cannot BELIEVE how much my ankle improved in one month! Each session, the therapist would add new exercises to help with strengthening. Everyone that helped me was so nice and friendly. It seemed like my time in therapy just flew by!

    Anne B.

  • Everyone was been so helpful in my recovery. NPT is a great place!

    Katie F.

  • I have been a patient of two different Physical Therapy Practices, and the attention, instruction, and help I get at Northern Physical Therapy is by FAR the best!

    Janice A.

  • The therapists at NPT are great listeners when I tell them how I feel. They are a very kind group of people, and they have made the “work” fun!

    Melissa I.

  • I certainly have said good things about NPT to my doctor- they have great “hands on” techniques! Thank you NPT for giving me my day-to-day life back!

    Maria K.

  • Top-quality and professional therapy! I would recommend NPT to anyone who needed treatment!

    Russell M.

  • I will continue to ask for NPT whenever I need therapy, and will always recommend them to my friends!

    Milen S.

  • These guys have worked their heart out getting me back on my feet again. During many setbacks, they have patiently encouraged me -especially so when I was discouraged.

    Linda C.

  • When I first came to NPT, I did not have high expectations because my previous experience with physical therapy wasn’t great. Now, I LOVE coming to NPT because the staff makes exercises fun and easy to remember. Coming here has changed my life- I have no pain!

    Samantha G.

  • Since coming to NPT, I have been improving very quickly, and now I can even outrun some of my coworkers! It feels GREAT to know that the pain can go away, rather than resigning myself to living with it!

    Reina S.

  • The family atmosphere at NPT motivates me to get better, and their sincerity keeps me going! I love their teamwork!

    Marchonda S.

  • I really appreciate all the attentiveness the staff brings. They are so willing to do anything they can to help you out!

    Marianne Y.

  • They certainly know how to make you feel like an individual, and not just a number. I have enjoyed coming to NPT, and I recommend NPT to everyone!

    Priscilla M.

  • I am able to use my left arm so much better- I can lift my arm up without any pain! I can move and drive better without discomfort. I am happy because I do not have the pain I have been having before I came here. People here are very good at their work, and they love to help people. Great Job!

    Alicia M.

  • Northern Physical Therapy has helped improve my life by decreasing my shoulder pain, so that I can move my arm. I have improved my strength and can move my arm more freely. I would come back to NPT- they have helped me a lot!

    Norman H.

  • Savannah is a wonderful Physical Therapist! She encourages you to really do more than you think is possible- but she is always right! My therapy for my right knee replacement has been a very positive experience for me, after 6 weeks I feel that I am able to resume all of my daily activities!

    Mary D.

  • I have received excellent therapy! As I had difficulty, they patiently explained another way to perform the same  strength exercise.

    Everyone here is caring and patient. Claire is an EXCELLENT therapist- explaining everything in detail what the activity you are doing is accomplishing. I truly had an enjoyable time! I always felt I had “reached a goal” when I left!

    Anna T.

  • I would like to thank ALL the staff! They all are so friendly and kind, and really pay attention to your needs. I wasn’t a true believer in PT due to differing opinions, but I am so glad that I have been coming, and now I am not sure I will be able to give it up! I am addicted!

    Penny A.

  • Since coming I have had a decrease in pain. The friendly staff makes my visit enjoyable and keeps me coming back. I like that I am given new challenges when I am ready for them!

    Theresa M.

  • I loved coming to Northern Physical Therapy. The Staff is great and I love their positive morale! Being here has helped me improve my quality of life.

    Danielle P.

  • I feel calmer and safer in my own body after the help I have received from NPT. Before I was uncertain that I would feel anything but pain ever again, but now I am confident I will recover.

    Connor B.

  • Therapy helped with my recovery so much! Everyone here is nice, kind, and attentive. Exercises are explained thoroughly and everything was made so understandable.

    Chelsea B.

  • Before therapy, living with vertigo made life and everyday tasks extremely difficult. Any other type of medical treatment failed to bring relief. After NPT’s vestibular therapy program, my symptoms have become much more mild and doing everyday tasks has become much more manageable!

    Rebecca R.

  • This is my second time at NPT, and I love the fact I had the same therapist! My first therapy program was for my hip, and this time it was for my neck and upper back. Borth treatments have been very positive experiences. The facility itself is perfect because it is big enough to fit all the equipment they need, yet still small enough to provide the one-on-one, personal touch that they do so well. Thank you!

    Kathy W.

  • I suffered from a ruptured ACL and after surgery, I started coming to NPT so that they could help strengthen my knee. With their help, I have gained all of my range of motion back. The staff is so friendly and very accommodating with my young daughter. I can now comfortably walk, exercise, run, and play with my daughter easily! I would recommend NPT every time!

    Jessica R.

  • The staff at Northern Physical Therapy are nothing short of Amazing! Every single person from start to finish has been super helpful. My therapist was very knowledgeable and friendly. So glad I was referred here!

    Lindsey R.

  • I came in for my second total knee replacement. The therapists at Northern Physical Therapy met a far, far higher standard than my first experience. I feel the care and treatment that I received were second to NONE.

    It was especially nice knowing that I could start my warm-up and exercises as soon as I arrived and signed in- it wasn’t that way at the last office I went to for therapy! Excellent staff and experience!

    Gilbert I.

  • When I began therapy, I could not sleep and entire night without waking up from pain. After weeks of therapy, I have no trouble sleeping or carrying bags of groceries. The therapists seemed to know exactly what I needed to rebuild my strength!

    Sonya Barrett

  • I have been extremely pleased with the care and accommodation Northern Physical Therapy has shown me. I was able to schedule appointments on short notice. The program provided rapid increase in my range of motion and strength. I would highly recommend NPT!

    Jeff H.

  • I have had a great experience at Northern Physical Therapy! Staff are all very friendly and helpful. They have helped my recovery from total knee replacement be a success! Knowing I will need to have another total knee replacement in the future, I will not hesitate to return to NPT for therapy!

    Jennifer D.

  • I am so thankful for all the help and encouragement I have received here. Everyone is so positive, and treats you like you are going to recover- even when I seriously doubted that I could! I broker my femur in March, and had no idea how long it would take to recover. I starter therapy elsewhere, and then chose to switch to Northern Physical Therapy. What a difference! I can do so much more now than when I started. The free month of membership after completing therapy is an added bonus. I feel like I’ll be able to ask for help if I need it. I can’t thank NPT enough!

    Alice H.

  • I have been to NPT a few times for therapy over the years, and every time, I leave 95-100% better! The staff are wonderfully friendly, and the therapists are excellent. The Hospital tried to get me to do their “in home” therapy, but I told them I do better at Northern Physical Therapy!

    Kimberly Q.

  • I dislocated my knee and tore my meniscus a few months after having a baby. I had a very hard time getting around, and I thought for sure I would have to have surgery, but with the help of NPT, I was able to improve my range of motion, and don’t need surgery now! I would highly recommend this place to anyone, and I have been very pleased with the results- I can carry my baby again, and that makes me happy!

    Alicia K.

  • The people here are great. When I first walked in I was in a lot of pain. As time went on, my therapy helped me feel much better!

    Mike S

  • The staff at NPT are excellent! With a deep knowledge and understanding of their craft, they challenged me while still showing great care, improving my health and giving me the tools I needed to maintain my recovery. It was a great experience!

    Joe E.

  • Thanks to Northern Physical Therapy, my back is feeling better than it has in years!

    Donald C.

  • NPT treated me like part of the family. They showed true compassion for my injury, and true interest in my journey to recovery!

    Rob C.

  • NPT did a great job getting me back on my feet and back to work again, and really helped with my pain management.

    David M.

  • NPT Helped my condition greatly- staff is VERY knowledgeable and deeply concerned about my welfare. The facility was very pleasant and they made me feel like family! Excellent!

    Joe B.

  • I think NPT is excellent. They are the nicest people. They take care of you, just like you are family. They are caring and understanding to your needs. I would recommend anyone that has a problem go to NPT for a great experience! I am sure your problem sill be solved and you will feel better!

    Violet A.

  • NPT is great, and the staff are wonderful. It is very easy to make or change an appointment if necessary. They know you, and have interest in your life, which makes you feel very welcome. Since I have started I have notices a big change in my strength. I would recommend Northern Physical Therapy to anyone trying to fix bodily ailments and want a comfortable environment to recover in.

    Peter S.

  • I received a lot of one on one attention to help my injury. I gained a lot of mobility back, thanks to the physical therapists at NPT.

    Paul S.

  • Since coming to NPT, I have improved so much! My ankle pain was severe, and now after ten visits I have seen great improvement. The staff here are all very friendly and really work with you to help improve your range of motion. I am generally happy with how I feel now!

    Cathleen G.

  • If anyone has any doubts about the effect of PT at NPT, send them to me so that I can race to them about the Therapy treatment I received here! Healing, hopeful, joyous recovery with an extraordinary therapist!

    Jill L.

  • After knee surgery, PT really helped me with building my strength and endurance. The “Stim” and icing treatments at the end of my appointments really eased swelling and pain.

    Linda B.

  • NPT helped improve my quality of life by assisting my recovery from shoulder surgery. NPT staff were able to help me improve my overall range of motions and decrease my pain level. I never had to wait to be seen, and staff are compassionate and patient- even though my case was not an easy one!

    Gregory H.

  • I began coming to NPT after my doctor suggested I try physical Therapy for my sciatic nerve pain. My pain was off the charts when I started, with pain occurring all day and throughout my whole leg. After several weeks of working with the therapists at NPT, I am virtually pain free! I am very happy I made the choice to give Northern Physical Therapy a try!

    Amy F.

  • I have been a fitness member of NPT for fifteen years! I just finished PT for my second knee replacement.

    I feel very much at home at NPT. The staff works hard and yet they always have time to look up and smile! My days at NPT, although difficult, will be remembered because of my physical therapist’s kindness, care, and motivation. They were the determining factors that enabled me to return to my regular schedule sooner than anyone could have expected. As always, I will highly recommend NPT to my family and friends!

    Robert O.

  • It has been ten weeks since I had surgery, and I did not expect to have this much use of my arm again! The treatment here is great and the staff is incredible. They are always very friendly and assist you with anything you need!

    Dennis F.

  • I fell and fractured my leg in eight places. I truly never thought I would be the same again, however, the staff at Northern Physical Therapy offered more than just physical support. They convinced me that I could return to my very active lifestyle. They recognized that I needed to return to my routine to retain my sanity. They listened and customized my therapy according to what I was capable of doing. After seven months, I feel both physically and mentally stronger. Northern Physical Therapy helped me survive!

    Diane J.

  • The Physical Therapy here has been great! I have had PT at two other locations and Northern Physical Therapy is vastly Superior. The therapists have been very good and I feel progress is being made! I have been steadily regaining strength and muscle tone.

    Roger P.

  • NPT has improved my Quality of Life significantly. WHen I had my first consultation my pain level was at “9 out of 10” most days. After a couple of sessions, I experienced relief and comfort! My therapist was extremely helpful- I appreciate all he and the crew has done at Northern Physical Therapy. I am on the fast track to getting back into my routine- Thank you!

    Kim W.

  • I am able to perform all of my normal activities without any pain after Physical Therapy, plus I can sleep at night without interruption from pain or discomfort. It has been about three year since I could work out my upper body due to the pain!

    Timothy M.

  • Prior to coming to NPT, I thought that I might never walk again. The staff helped me gain strength in my legs. I am now able to get around my home with some slight help. The staff here are committed to seeing their patients get better!

    Sandra C.

  • NPT has totally committed therapists! They intensely yet therapeutically meet you where you are, and give you the guidance needed to improve. This experience convinced me to recommend NPT services to anyone needing Physical Therapy. Thank you!

    Julia B.

  • I am very satisfied with my improvement at NPT! Not only did the therapy improve my condition, but I learned how to manage and reduce my pain through exercise, stretching, and heat/coldpack use!

    Robert B.

  • I went from not being able to use my left shoulder to about 95% range of motion. The staff has been great; always listening and solving any problems that occurred along the way. Thank you so much for your help and support.

    Richard Y.

  • As a three-time visitor to their incredible, healing heaven, I would and do recommend that those needing therapy one moment- Do what the NPT therapists tell you, and you will notice a vast improvement!

    John L.

  • The folks here have been very helpful. They are friendly, capable, and caring. I have improved greatly since I started here.

    Lynn J.

  • I was VERY SATISFIED with my experience at Northern Physical Therapy. Staff were very helpful and explained every step of my treatment to me. My condition has improved since my first visit, and I am experiencing less pain, less swelling, and greater strength and ability to put weight on my ankle. The outcomes has been great, and the staff have been friendly and professional. I would recommend Northern Physical Therapy to my family and friends!

    Vicky P.

  • My son was referred to Northern Physical Therapy by his pediatrician because we felt he was going to have trouble standing and walking due to his legs and feet turning in a lot. I was surprised when Physical Therapy was suggested for a baby who could not even stand or walk yet! I thought it wouldn’t work, but I was so wrong! Ther therapists have been amazing and in just under seven weeks, I see wonderful improvements with my son! He is crawling better, standing, and bending his knees. I am very grateful for the therapists here, and I would highly recommend them for anyone, especially children.

    Ashley F.

  • I had a pinched nerve in my neck, which caused tingling down my left arm, and significant pain. I could not sleep on my side for many days, as I could not even turn my head without pain. After a few visits to Northern Physical Therapy, the tingling slowly subsided. Eventually, it went away completely, and now I can turn my head without any pain! I am very please with the outcome of my therapy!

    Karen B.

  • When I came to NPT, I was in severe pain.  They provided therapy with a plan to improve my strength and core stability to prevent future injury.  Each time I came in for therapy, I was treated professionally and I was progressed consistently.  I am now pain free and back to being very active.  NPT is a great place for therapy and the complimentary gym membership is a bonus!!  Thank you!

    Larry J.

  • When I arrived at NPT, I was concerned about weakness and balance.  From the beginning of therapy, they challenged me to improve both.  Each week I noticed my muscles getting stronger, my balance returning and a huge improvement in my mood.  I had become depressed following my surgery but coming here to work on my health gave me a purpose as well as interactions with other people.  It was just what I needed to change my attitude and helped me to focus on healing  quickly!

    Josie B.

  • Since I began PT, I have much less pain.  I am now able to walk without limping and most of the time, I am pain free!  Thank you NPT!

    Dianna T.

  • After nine sessions of therapy, I feel we have success and no doubt, I couldn’t have done it alone.  I can assure you that I’ll continue with all the exercises because I feel great!  I can now take my morning swims in the river without pain.

    Barbara G.

  • I can’t say enough good things about NPT!  The entire staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  I can function again!  Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    Joan T.

  • My therapy sessions at NPT were pleasant because the therapists are friendly and knowledgeable.  I no longer have knee pain and I’m able to live and enjoy my usual activities like before.  I have my life back!

    Peter L.

  • My experience at Northern Physical was very successful.  In one month of therapy, my condition improved over 80%!  I was given a set of exercises to complete at home to further my success and my therapist even adapted them so that I could perform them on my upcoming trip in our motor home.  I have enjoyed my experience at NPT and will return to continue my free gym membership when I return from my trip!

    Janet K.

  • The staff at Northern Physical Therapy are very professional, friendly and genuinely care about my comfort level throughout my treatment sessions.  I am very happy with the staff, convenience of scheduling and the facility.  My shoulder has significantly improved and with NPT’s help, I am confident that I’ll be 100% again!

    Bobbi B.

  • I have enjoyed all of my therapy sessions at NPT.   The therapists provide competent and professional care in a very compassionate manner.  Due to the challenging therapy program prescribed for me, I have had excellent results in regaining function and flexibility.  I have enjoyed the personal attention and humor of all the NPT staff.  My entire rehab was a good experience.  I would recommend Northern Physical Therapy for anyone desiring a positive experience and outcome.

    Donna G.

  • When I first hurt my knee, it wasn’t easy to do the simple tasks of walking, standing and getting out of my car.  After a few weeks of physical therapy, not only could I do the simple tasks but I could run!  Thank you Northern Physical Therapy.

    Avondre B.

  • I have had a wonderful time doing my therapy at Northern Physical Therapy.  Going from having no function in my left hand to being able to do most  of what I could before my injury feels amazing.  Thank you to everyone who helped me because I wouldn’t know what to do without you!  My hand feels almost 100% and I couldn’t have done it without you – keep up the good work!

    Halie M.

  • The staff at Northern Physical Therapy are very professional and have a great attitude that motivates you to be your best.  I can now do all my daily activities without pain and it’s because of them.  Thank you all!

    Tim B.

  • I have come so far since my knee surgery and can now walk without a limp for the first time in years!  My doctor is very pleased with my progress.  Thank you Northern Physical Therapy!

    Kathryn S.

  • When I started here, my ROM was limited and I had a lot of pain.  I can now walk pretty much normally.  I can squat, bend over,  and I’ve even started exercising with little or no pain!  I am very satisfied with my recover process am very satisfied with the help and professionalism of Northern Physical Therapy.

    Gene L.

  • My experience at Northern Physical Therapy and Fitness has given me hope that I can and will recover and have a healthy quality of life after surgery.  The therapists are uplifting and positive every visit.  I highly recommend Northern Physical Therapy!

    Teddy V.

  • When I came to physical therapy, I didn’t know what to expect. I was scared and did not know what PT was about. Well, I learned something – It is wonderful! The therapists at NPT are EXCELLENT! My neck pain was better from the very first treatment and I continue to improve….I’m a believer.

    Bonnie W.

  • This is the second place that I have attempted physical therapy. I have been dealing with back pain for a year and a half with little to no relief. With the help of Northern Physical Therapy’s team, my pain has decreased and they have given the tools to help myself at home to ease my pain. BEST PLACE I’VE BEEN TO FOR BACK PAIN!!

    Jamie L.

  • The range of motion in my left knee has improved substantially since my first visit to NPT! The therapists addressed all of my concerns and consistently modified my exercises and used heat, ice and electric stimulation to minimize any pain. Coming to Northern Physical Therapy has been very beneficial!

    Mary S.

  • I wish I had therapy at NPT when I first came home from the hospital!  I am so much better since I started therapy here!  I am now able to get out of a chair and climb stairs with less pain and my therapist is great!

    Rosemary P.

  • To summarize, NPT is:

    • Easy to work with!
    • Convenient hours!
    • Very competent and well-trained therapists!
    • Strong management!

    Thank you for providing such exceptional service to our community!!

    Francis K.

  • I am enjoying increased strength, balance and range of motion.  I am again able to perform my daily responsibilities with more ease than before.  I also have a much better understanding of my body and what to do in regard to handling discomfort.  Overall, I am thrilled with my progress at NPT and I feel younger and more alive – Yay!

    Debbie A.

  • After receiving a vaccination in my left shoulder, I developed Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) and I could barely move my arm due to excruciating pain.  Prior to starting physical therapy, activities as simple as putting on a shirt required assistance.  After a few weeks of therapy, I started to increase my range of motion, regain strength and experienced a significant reduction in my pain level.  I know I would not be where I am in my recovery without the help of NPT.  The staff are very professional and compassionate and I never have to wait when I arrive at my appointments.  I would highly recommend NPT to anyone that needs physical therapy!

    Greg H.

  • My experience at NPT has been wonderful! Stephanie is a great therapist and she helped relieve all my pain. I walked into NPT and could hardly move my head but by the time I left I felt like a new person. Today, I am pain free! The entire staff is very friendly and accommodating – I would highly recommend NPT to everyone!

    B. Piercey

  • I refer to Northern Physical Therapy and Fitness without reservation and greatly appreciate the service and results they provide my patients.

    Dr. Tracy LaFlair, MD

  • I met Jeanine McLellan, PT at the Senior Health Fair about my feet and how painful it was for me to walk.  She said that the therapists at Northern Physical Therapy could help me and after 2 weeks of therapy, my pain has decreased.  I am walking a lot better and I am very glad that I came here for therapy!  Thank you for helping me.

    Janet L.

  • I started therapy in acute pain and unable to perform everyday tasks.  Upon completing therapy, I am able to return to all my previous physical activities and have minimal pain.  I didn’t believe therapy was going to relieve my pain, but it did!  I highly recommend Northern Physical Therapy.  Everyone is professional, caring and very skilled.  Thank you all!

    Julie G.

  • Northern Physical Therapy has the best physical therapists! They have helped me manage my chronic low back pain and I and I no longer wake up in the night.

    Carol K.

  • I began PT after I fell, broke my wrist and was casted for 3 long months. I was not prepared for the pain and weakness I had when it was removed. From the first day of PT, my therapist treated me with respect and kindness and assured me that I would regain my strength and the ability to use my hand once again. It didn’t take long before all that she had told me was indeed a fact. I am deeply grateful to Northern Physical Therapy for the excellent care that I received.

    Kathy P.

  • After trying massage, muscle relaxants and chiropractic treatment over the past 3 years, I was referred to Northern Physical Therapy for treatment of my sciatic nerve pain. I came in doubting their ability to help with the nagging pain that I had come to live with, but to my pleasant surprise, in only 4 treatments, I am noticing improvement. I can now perform my day to day activities and have even started yoga again. I am lucky to have been teamed up with Northern Physical Therapy.

    Lynn K.

  • When I first came to Northern Physical Therapy, any sudden movement of my head would cause me to be very dizzy. After only one treatment, I was amazed how much better I felt – very little dizziness all weekend. Now at the end of my second treatment, I feel as good as ever!

    Wayne C.

  • I am very satisfied with my experience at Northern Physical Therapy. I came in with a lot of pain and after working with the therapists, I feel great – thanks.

    Larry P.

  • After my knee surgery, I thought it was going to be a long road to recovery. The staff at NPT helped me reach my goals 3 months earlier than planned. Thanks to them, I’m back to doing what I love and no problems with my mobility. The NPT staff really knows what they are doing!

    Madison B.

  • My left hip was painful and limiting my ability to do normal daily activities. After about 3 weeks of physical therapy, my life is back to normal and I’m even sitting on bleachers to watch my granddaughter’s lacrosse games with no pain. The staff was pleasant and made my experience something to look forward to because I could see improvement every time I went. Thanks to all!

    Connie E.

  • I chose Northern Physical Therapy for treatment of the tendonitis I developed in my right shoulder because of the successful treatment that I received on a previous occasion. The care and sensitivities of their therapists goes above and beyond and my progress is solely due to the knowledge of the therapists that I have had the privilege of working with.

    Joanna H.

  • After only 10 sessions of physical therapy at Northern Physical Therapy, I feel much stronger and have improved my range of motion and balance with the exercises that I am doing. Once I finish my therapy, I plan to become a member to continue the program that they designed for me. I am so grateful for their help, I’ll refer Northern Physical Therapy and Fitness to everyone!

    Thomas H.

  • I am extremely happy with the results and the way I am treated at Northern PT. The therapists have gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals.


  • I am extremely happy with the results and the way I am treated at Northern PT. The therapists have gone above and beyond to help me reach my goals. I wouldn’t have believed anyone if they said I would come this far in such a short period of time!

    Tessa F

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