Help for Those Facing Substance Abuse

We are thrilled to be able to offer chronic pain therapy solutions as an alternative to potentially life-threatening medications.

  • Nationwide, over two million citizens abuse pain medication.
  • Overdose deaths have quadrupled since 1999.
  • More deaths are caused by opioid abuse than the use of heroin or cocaine
  • Side effects of pain medication can significantly reduce the quality of life.

Physical Therapy Targets the Real Problem

While medication only masks chronic pain, physical therapy can help resolve the cause of pain.

Physical Therapy Provides Long-Lasting Relief

The effects of medication are temporary. The effects of physical therapy last months and years.

Physical Therapy is Non-Addictive

Medication needs to be used over and over, increasing the risk of dependency.

Physical Therapy May Help Avoid Surgery

Medication will not eliminate the need for more dramatic solutions to pain issues.

Physical Therapy has No Side Effects

Medication is often accompanies by uncomfortable side effects, such as nausea, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, digestive discomfort, and constipation.

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