Telehealth Physical Therapy

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We are pleased to offer telehealth physical therapy for many patients to handle most visits. This is a great way to ensure your pain and mobility concerns are address while in the comfort of your own home.

It is covered by your insurance.

As with any physical therapy program, we remain in cooperation with major insurance companies to cover telehealth physical therapy.

It is effective.

If you have been experiencing pain or limited movement, the last thing you need to suffer, unable to leave the house. Telehealth physical therapy gets you in touch with your in-office physical therapist for a thorough treatment session to manage your condition.

It is safe.

We get it- people want to stay home right now! Telehealth Physical Therapy keeps contact to a minimum and reduces opportunities for exposure to illness.

It is easy.

All it takes is a webcam and computer or smartphone! Not a techie? Our staff will happily work with you to get you prepared for your telehealth appointment before it starts.

If you are a current patient, it is just a click away.

Just call front desk and ask to schedule a telehealth appointment. If you aren’t currently a patient, don’t worry! You can also call our office and ask to begin the process of being treated through telehealth physical therapy.

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Patient Forms

Expedite your check-in! Print and fill out the relevant forms, and bring them with you when you arrive for your first appointment. Your already-short wait time will be reduced even further!