Raising Awareness about Student Athlete Concussions

Concussions: The growing danger that cannot be ignored.

Every year the number of student athletes diagnosed with a concussion increases. At Northern Physical Therapy, we are working to educate students, parents, and educators about concussion risk and the return-to-play process.

During Carthage Central School’s Staff Development Day last week, one our our Concussion Rehabilitation Specialists, Jeff Kaplan, PT, presented to educators and Athletic Staff on the the issue of concussion risk.

Impact on the Student, Impact on the Community.

Our interest in educating members of the community on the dangers of untreated concussion is personal. Numerous members of the NPT team have been impacted by concussions at various times over the years, and growing consensus indicates the needs for rapid assessment and treatment of an individual who may have experienced a concussion is a key factor in promoting rapid and long-lasting healing.

Jeff Kaplan, PT, discusses concerns and answers questions with a group of Coaches and Athletic Staffers at Carthage CSD.

Leading the way in Community Education

Northern Physical Therapy is building on online resource to provide the tools parents and educators need to explore their district’s concussion response policy, learn more about concussion risk from government agencies, and learn about concussion rehabilitation. Check out this resource here. If you would like to schedule a concussion rehabilitation specialist to speak at your event, school, or athletic group, contact us here.

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