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  • April 19, 2019

    Ached by Lower Back Pain? Stand up Straighter with Physical Therapy

    Lower back pain is a sensation all too familiar to millions of people. This ache can hinder many aspects of your life: working, spending time with friends and family, partaking in the activities you enjoy, and even just relaxing. The World Health Organization estimates that in the United States,...

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  • March 25, 2019

    Raising Awareness about Student Athlete Concussions

    Concussions: The growing danger that cannot be ignored. Every year the number of student athletes diagnosed with a concussion increases. At Northern Physical Therapy, we are working to educate students, parents, and educators about concussion risk and the return-to-play process. During Carthage Central School’s Staff Development Day last week, one...

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  • March 19, 2019

    Eating Right: A Simple Technique for Reducing Pain and Inflammation

    Do you deal with chronic pain or inflammation in your daily life? It isn’t uncommon, but it is avoidable. While exercise is a crucial part of your physical therapy regimen, proper nutrition can also play an important role.  The foods you eat work to fuel your body, and eating...

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  • March 11, 2019

    Say No to Sciatica! Three Indicators You Cannot Ignore

    Each of your sciatic nerves runs from either side of your lower back down to each of your legs. That’s why a classic sign of sciatica is having a shooting pain on one side only. While compression of one of your sciatic nerves can literally be a “pain in...

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  • February 18, 2019

    Want to Recover Even Faster? Try Pr-Hab!

    If you are considering surgery, you are probably well aware of the need for rehab post-surgery. Rehab sessions with a physical therapist are a major part of the process of getting surgery — without the physical therapy of rehab, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to get on your...

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  • February 4, 2019

    Suffering with Back Pain? Check Your Posture!

    In one longitudinal study, back pain accounted for more than 3 percent of all emergency room visits between 2004 and 2008. It is also estimated that more than 25 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, many with a disability that prevents them from doing normal daily tasks like working...

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