Extending National Doctor’s Day

You may have missed it:

Monday, March 30th, was National Doctor’s Day.

On a regular basis, we are thankful for the healthcare providers across the North Country share the needs of their patients with us. In some instances, we have been working with the same doctors for the nearly 25 years we have been providing therapy to our communities. This year, we are more thankful than ever.

This year, Most Days should be Doctor’s Days.

And just as the day is usually celebrated by providing recognition and support, for these past -and future- weeks, we need to do what we can to support our healthcare workers throughout the region. So what can you do to support a Doctor -or nurse, or other healthcare provider- during a unique time?

Go the Distance to Reach Out.

If you know a healthcare provider personally, such as a family member or friend, reach out to them soon. Let them know you are thankful. Ask them how you can help. Make sure they know they are remembered. If you don’t know one personally, a card to the front desk of your local hospital or nearby family care won’t go unnoticed.

Make the Effort to Keep them Safe

If you have a reason to visit your provider -any reason- do what you can to keep their exposure to illness at a minimum. This means paying special attention to all those social distancing and hand-washing guidelines encouraged by the CDC.

Don’t hoard important supplies.

As we have hopefully all learned by now, the front lines are where masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other protective products will do the most good. If you have these items to spare, check around with your local healthcare facilities and arrange a donation.

Have Patience.

The world is a little stressed right now, and nobody is more impacted than the people who chose to devote themselves to keeping us healthy. If you do find yourself in the care of a medical professional, remain calm, thankful, and patient with them. You might be the best part of their day!

National Doctor’s Day is Usually One Day a Year.

This year, a lot of things are postponed. Let’s extend this event as long as necessary!


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