Join Us In Reaching Out To Our Senior Citizens

It has been said that the greatness of a society will be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members. Our staff will be to making contact with our past patients to ensure that if any of them have any need, we can either provide it, or help them meet it.

It won’t take you long to think of a senior in your life, and it will take only a moment more to recall what they have done for you- they may be a veteran, a teacher, or a retired healthcare worker. No matter what they have accomplished in life, they deserve your attention!

Address their immediate needs first.

Do they have necessities? Food and water, heat, and medication? Do they feel safe? Make sure the most pressing issues are addressed right away.

Don’t Stop at Survival- Boost Their Life!

Food and Shelter is critical, but so it human contact and hope. Ask about what they are able to do with their time, if you can mail them a book or a movie, and see if they need any help that they don’t know how to get on their own, like making call to the cable company to handle an account issue, or placing an order with Amazon to ensure household items like soap and detergent don’t run out.

Be Carefully Available to Help.

There is a good chance you may see an opportunity to help out. Perhaps your older friend needs help with their groceries, or getting laundry done. Make sure that need is met, but remain cautious- stay informed of how to go about addressing the need without increasing their risk of exposure to illness. If you aren’t sure how to meet a need, contact your county health department.

End Your Communication With Reassurance.

Make sure that your senior friend or family member has accurately identified their primary point of contact so that they can rapidly get help if they need it, and that they have your contact information as well. Reassure them that they have a friend and a resource for aid in you- and follow up with them regularly!

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