Physical Therapy and Rare Cancers

Physical Therapy and Cancer Treatment

Physical therapy is a blanket term referring to any treatment that helps to promote mobility or prevent the loss of mobility. Generally, physical therapy will focus on anything that helps individuals to function in everyday life, reduce pain, restore physical function, and prevent disability. Mesothelioma is an aggressive but rare cancer that affects the lining of a person’s internal organs. There is no known cure for cancer, but treatments are available to help treat the bothersome symptoms that accompany the disease. Physical therapy is an important treatment that helps to keep cancer from making a patient immobile and weak.

Why Mesothelioma Patients Should Consider Utilizing Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapy should not replace traditional treatment for cancer, but it can help to improve a patient’s quality of life. Physical therapy can be beneficial in the following ways:

Physical Therapy Reduces Pain
The best physical therapist knows how to formulate the best plan for the patient. This plan should focus on increasing mobility and preventing disability, but can also focus entirely on pain management if necessary. To do this a physical therapy will exercise the areas that are causing the most pain. This exercise will focus on keeping the muscles and joints loose and flexible. A stiff ache is the hardest to fix in the long run.

Physical Therapy Is Covered By Most Insurance Agencies
Physical therapy is a treatment that is covered by most private, state, and federal insurance agencies. This means that any Mesothelioma patient or cancer patient can pursue physical therapy with the comfort of knowing that if they have insurance, it will cover the treatment. This means that there is virtually nothing to lose with physical therapy. If the patient does not like physical therapy, then they can stop treatment whenever they would like.

Physical Therapy Is Available In A Variety of Settings
Physical therapists can provide treatment in a wide variety of locations to meet patient needs. Physical therapists understand that being versatile is important for the health of the patient. Therapy can be performed in patient homes, hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, sports facilities, and nursing homes. This variety ensures that the patient receives any and all physical therapy that they would like.

Physical Therapists Can Provide Additional Help
Physical therapy treatments reach much further than each session. Physical therapists will be able to diagnose the physical problem that needs to be addressed and formulate a plan for patients both inside of the treatment environment and at home when they are not in the presence of a trained physical therapist. These professionals can even provide contact information for doctors outside of their specialty area such as: psychologists, dermatologists, oncologists, and occupational therapists.

Mesothelioma is an unfortunate diagnosis, but it does not mean that a person has to stop living their life to the fullest. It is entirely possible that physical therapy, when combined with traditional Western medicine, can help a patient live a longer, happier, healthier, and less painful life.

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