Working (and schooling) from Home?

Working from home has become a popular option these days, but it comes with its own challenges. Let’s explore ways to make it a chance to do your best work ever!

Adjust Your Perspective

First, don’t forget the obvious. You are working from home! Even if life seems a little unusual, this is something that you may have always wanted. This is a perk that some people picture when they describe their dream job.  That positive attitude isn’t just a matter of getting out of work, either- studies suggest a positive attitude increases productivity– so if you can get excited about working from home, maybe the boss can be excited too!

Build Activity-Promoting Work Habits

Have you been begging for an exercise ball or a standing desk at the office? Now is your chance to put your muscle where your mouth is. Don’t accomplish your work from your desk only. Complete tasks on your laptop while standing at the kitchen counter, or make business calls while you are taking an easy stroll on the treadmill.

Work Healthier, Not Harder

You are skipping your commute. Can you get up at the same time and take a walk to the end of the road and back, since you aren’t sitting the car? (Practice social distancing, and check your community’s restrictions on exposure opportunities.) Can you use your commute-free time for a little stretching? Yoga? Our bodies can receive the most benefit from exercise that occurs first thing in the morning, keeping us refreshed and energized all day.

Invite Calm To Your Workspace

The office- and life in general- can be hectic. But now you are home. It’s your space. Your music. Your furniture. Spring is around the corner. Can you sit on the patio? Or stay near a sunny, open window? Practice deep breathing exercises, and spend time looking up from your computer and gazing at an object across the backyard to reduce eye strain.

Connect With Family.

If your children are home with you too, there will be a significant adjustment to your work environment and potential distractions. Fortunately, they probably have some work to get done too! Make sure to have them well prepared to continue with school assignments at the kitchen table, and make them feel needed. This is a great chance for them to learn those “adulting” skills we are always talking about. Have them help with lunch. Assign household chores that you usually do yourself because the task needs to be monitored, like cleaning mirrors, or sorting laundry. And don’t forget, children need physical activity even more than you do- so make sure to check out some activities that you can do together to stay active.

Don’t worry- you won’t be working from home forever. The challenge is simply to not get used to it. You may never want to go back to the office!

If you have any questions about how you can best stay physically active while working from home, contact us. And don’t forget to like us on Facebook for more positive perspective!

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